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Maple Grove


Spring Park

Main Fax

(952) 473-7908

Why We're Different

Our clinic is proudly owned by the physicians that work here. We are committed to remaining strong and independent.
What does this mean for patient families?
  • Our appointments are longer than the community average, which allows our providers to spend more time with our patients and make special accommodations if needed.   

  • Our average charges are lower than the community average.

  • Our providers live in, volunteer in, and care about the well-being of the communities surrounding our clinics.

  • Our providers and staff are chosen carefully for not only their expertise, but also, for their empathy and kindness.

  • Provider and medical assistant (MA) one-on-one pairing: the same MA works with the same provider the majority of the time. This allows patient families to form a relationship with their provider and MA pair to provide consistent care.

  • Your experience with us matters. We want our patients to have a great experience every time they visit us so they can trust us and feel comfortable.

  • We specialize in the ongoing needs of your child or adolescent in an environment that is family-friendly, convenient, and compassionate.

  • We provide lactation and integrative medicine services

  • As an independent group, all clinical and business decisions are made here. There are no higher-ups.

  • Our staff members work well together across all departments. The providers set the standard for excellent service and are on the same team as our staff. They are collegial and respectful, inspiring the same qualities in all staff members, which further enhances the care we provide for our patient families as a team.

Patient Testimonials
  • Every experience over the last 11 years has been positive!

  • At our home clinic or the walk-in clinic, I have always felt great about the care we receive.

  • I've been with you for 17 years with two kids (one with special needs) and I've had excellent service from everyone with whom I've come in contact on every single occasion.

  • Every experience and all staff at WCC are amazing and we have been coming for 40 years!

  • Love the staff!

  • Keep doing what you are doing! We love the clinic and I refer you to everyone!

  • I love how the office is always clean and the staff are very responsive.

  • My children have been seen at your clinic for 11 years now. Both kids are extremely comfortable with your staff and doctors.  Everyone has been so friendly and warm with them. As a parent it's so nice to have kids that want to go to the doctor vs being scared or nervous. Thank you for creating such a great environment for kids!

  • We love Wayzata Children's Clinic! I have recommended this clinic to several friends who now bring their children to the clinic and are grateful for the recommendation!

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