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Mara Liss

Mara Liss


Mara is another Minnesota native, having grown up in Golden Valley. She went east for college and graduated from Tufts University in Massachusetts with an undergraduate degree in biology. After living in Washington D.C., she chose to move back to the Twin Cities for medical school and her pediatric residency at the University of Minnesota. She then completed an integrative medicine fellowship at the University of Kansas before starting at Wayzata Children’s Clinic in 2013. Dr. Liss is board certified in pediatrics, and aims to bring holistic, root-cause medicine to patients and families by way of consultation-based visits that encompass the many aspects of health. She has a specialized interest in how nutrition contributes to health, and believes that food is medicine. She works with families to develop plans that allow even young patients to be full participants in their health, which allows for optimal well-being. She is also a certified lactation counselor.

Mara, her husband Adam and their daughter live in St. Louis Park and enjoy exploring the Twin Cities, the outdoors, spending time with family and traveling. Dr. Liss is a specialty Provider who sees patients on a consultation basis for integrative medicine and lactation visits. She works collaboratively with your child's primary care provider.

Integrative medicine blends the best of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine. It is based on the belief that the human body has innate healing ability and addresses not only a person’s physical symptoms, but also the social, psychological, environmental and spiritual aspects of health and illness. We believe in empowering patients and families in their own care as well as provide them with healthcare choices that are proven to be safe and effective.

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